Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Halo 2 Lives on in Halo Reach

Thank you, Baby Jesus, for Ivory Tower is back!

Not so happy about Midship...

Anyways, Bungie put out an update to let gamers know about 3 maps that will be available in Halo Reach. Ivory Tower is exactly as you remember it - exactly - and is now to be known as Reflection, whereas Midship (shudder) is now known as Zealot.

Reflection is a 100% accurate recreation of Ivory Tower, and looks beautiful. Zealot is a 3-tiered map, with the bottom 2 an accurate immitation of Midship, however, the third floor is now outside in outer space, where gravity is reduced severely, and with added jetpacks, you have some "crazy space combat". There is shielding between the second and third floor, similar to a Bubble Shield; the action that happens on the third floor doesn't effect, nor is effected by, the action from the lower two levels. Effectively, you are in your own little world out there.

Finally, the third one is brand new, called Spire. Just as Forge World's map is the largest horizontally, Spire looks to be the largest vertically. It's made for 4v4 game variants, specifically Invasion. Remember Boneyard from the beta, where the Spartans were defending their own spots? Well, Spire is the Covenant version, where phase 3 has all the Elites at the top of the Spire, defending attacks from helicopters and Homo Sapiens Propulsifier Man-Cannon.

It all seems good, but just more Halo 2 map remakes makes me just want them to take them all - including DLC - and release it as a huge map pack, ala the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack.