Monday, August 2, 2010

Ken Levine's Next Game Unveiled Next Week

Don't know who Ken Levine is? Then stop reading and walk away.

For those who care, Ken Levine is the mind behind Thief, System Shock and more recently, BioShock. His studio, Irrational Games, unveiled on their latest podcast that they will be unveiling their long-in-secrecy game, which has been known to exist since 2007 when BioShock first hit the streets.

Now, his new game - which he hasn't made any inclination if it's a sequel or a brand new IP - will be unveiled at a press conference in New York in the form of a live demo, with a CG trailer on August 12 (next Thursday).


"You're invited to: Irrational Game's "Look With Your Eyes, Not Your Hands" Party"

Hey guys, Ken Levine here! Come to NY, sit around and watch us play a demo of our new game - no touching! - and froth with the longing of want and the taste of desire in your mouth. Then we'll give you a CG trailer soon after!"

I'm expecting a "nana-nana booboo" chant during the event.

Damn you, Levine!



[Via Kotaku]