Thursday, August 5, 2010

Visit Arkham City in Fall of 2011

What is Arkham City, you ask? It's none other than a peaceful getaway the biggest shit-storm to come to Gotham.

Arkham City is the subtitle for Batman: Arkham Asylum's sequel, and the supposed "City" is Gotham transformed into a super prison, run by none other than Joker and Harley Quinn.

Not much is known yet, as the only reason we know about is that Game Informer unveiled next month's issue's cover, and it features - depending on which one you get - a bloodied Batman with Catwoman playing upside-down S&M, or Batman and Catwoman back-to-back, but Bats has some restraints on her.

Not so sure about you, but it seems like Catwoman will play a pretty integral role in the story. Sure, she's one of the more popular villains in the Batman universe - Halle Berry would have you believe otherwise - but a prominent feature on the cover?

Check past the break for the GI covers.