Monday, September 27, 2010

The Invisble Elite at the Beginning of Winter Contingency

Here I am, playing Winter Contingency - the second mission of Halo: Reach - on Legendary to go for the Flawless Cowboy commendation, and I notice a figure off in the distance running from the distress beacon. I pop off a few shots from my pistol, and, to my amazement, a shield appeared over the creature, and it's outline was an elite.

I almost shat bricks.

I restarted the mission and gave haste with the Sprint ability. I was able to get closer and closer, and pop some more rounds off. This time, I was able to deplete his shields, but only right before he disappeared. That's right, this son of a bitch disapparated right in front of my eyes.

I opened up File Share, and this is where I discovered that, yes, it was an Elite (as you can see above) and he did disappear, just before you head through one house to get to the one where Jun drops off at and opens the door to find refugees.

I've got a video of it, but since I don't have a Bungie Pro account, all you can do is download it to your fileshare and view it while playing Reach.

Despite me thinking that this is ZOMG material, it actually isn't. This Elite holds a Data Pad, the one that is tied to this level on Legendary (there are Data Pads that will only appear on Legendary difficulty). This Data Pad that he holds - only seen while his active camo is, well, active - is Winter Contingency's Legendary Data Pad.

Oh well. It was cool for a little bit. I actually thought there would be hidden creatures, like the monkey men from Halo 3.

Apparently, I've 100%ed BioShock's Achievements

Last I checked, I only had had 33 of 51 Achievements unlocked....

As seen on my PlayFire Activity Feed.

[MY GAME] What I've done so far

I actually have a good chunk of the game planned out so far. The best I can do here is a list with percentages, which I absolutely hate. How can you accurately pinpoint a percentage on something like game development? Anyways, I guess I can wing it:

  • Weapon Tree/Upgrades - 95%
  • World Map - 40%
    • World 1 - 95%
    • World 2 - 95%
    • World 3 - 5%
    • World 4 - 0%
    • World 5 - 0%
  • Characters
    • Main Character - 25%
    • Supporting Characters - 10%
  • Creatures - <5%

What You'll Be Playing With

The first thing I started working on when I got the idea for the game was the weapons, because the weapon selection was the first thing that came to mind. How it works is simple: double-tap the screen near the center and hold (FYI, for those who don't know, I'm planning on an iOS release). This will bring up your item selection screen, or the Weapon Wheel. From here, you choose your attachment, and a sub-menu opens above that, allowing you to chose your ammo type. After that, simply let go and you return to the game.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[QUOTE] An 11-Year Old's Take on PlayStation Move

"Did they get permission from Nintendo to do that? I mean, it's just like the Wii." - My 11-year old brother after watching the Kevin Butler-starring PlayStation Move commercial.

Hey, Sony. Maybe you should start putting a disclaimer on your packaging and commercials: "Sony is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or the Wii brand. The concept of flailing your arms around with a dildo/Bingo ink-dotter, plus the 'Wii' name are both intellectually owned and created by Nintendo. Even though the PlayStation Move is incredibly similar - some would argue it's borderline copyright infringement - Nintendo had no input on the creation of the PlayStation Move brand, the 3mote Motion Controller or the Navigation Sub-tertiary Controllinator."

That, or just come out and say you've been playing copy-cat since the PS1.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brian Wood Memorial Fund Opened for Surviving Family Members

Brian Wood, the Company of Heroes Online lead developer for Relic Entertainment, was killed in a head-on collision Friday night. His wife of five years, Erin, who is 6 months pregnant, survived the accident, only because "(Brian) braked really hard and turned right so that he would be put in the path of the SUV and not me and the baby, and that is the only thing that saved us both." She also said that "all the policeman say that if we had hit the car head-on all of us would be dead."

You have a widowed, pregnant wife of a 33-year old game developer who is "hospitalized but in improving condition".

A family friend, Szymon Mazus from Radical Entertainment, helped set up a memorial fund, which can be accessed here: The Brian Wood Memorial Trust.

I just came out of unemployment. I'm selling various things around the house to make credit card payments and much-needed car repairs. She lost her husband, who sacrificed himself to save her and his child. I'm giving whatever I can once these eBay listings are done. Give whatever you can to help her out.

You can read more about the entire situation over at Kotaku.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

[REVIEW] Metroid: Other M

Metroid. It sits in the 'Top Five' of my favorite franchises. I'm a fairly recent fan of the series, starting with Metroid Prime six years ago, but I've done my research; Metroid II remains as the only game in the series I haven't beat. However - and here comes the turn-around - Metroid: Other M has quickly fallen to the bottom of the pile for the series, nestled right above the aforementioned unfinished title.

When Nintendo announced Team Ninja's involvement in a two-and-a-half dimension Metroid game, I was as giddy as Penny Arcade. My eyes became as wide as your favorite anime character, rainbows spurt out from every corner, and I was as ecstatic as a 9-year old girl who just hugged Justin Beiber. Yea, it was like that.

Seeing as they referred to it as a "high-tech NES game," I had some mixed feelings. Only being able to use the Wiimote sideways had me very skeptical, as I felt that could be used as an alternate, "casual" gameplay mode, and using the Classic Controller would invoke a more traditional, Super Metroid experience. It's hard to do Metroid wrong, as the past 6 years, we had the Prime sub-series, Zero Mission and Fusion (which, to be honest, I didn't like all that much). Team Ninja knows what they doing, as Ninja Gaiden is an amazing series. What could go wrong?

So goddamned much...