Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[QUOTE] An 11-Year Old's Take on PlayStation Move

"Did they get permission from Nintendo to do that? I mean, it's just like the Wii." - My 11-year old brother after watching the Kevin Butler-starring PlayStation Move commercial.

Hey, Sony. Maybe you should start putting a disclaimer on your packaging and commercials: "Sony is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or the Wii brand. The concept of flailing your arms around with a dildo/Bingo ink-dotter, plus the 'Wii' name are both intellectually owned and created by Nintendo. Even though the PlayStation Move is incredibly similar - some would argue it's borderline copyright infringement - Nintendo had no input on the creation of the PlayStation Move brand, the 3mote Motion Controller or the Navigation Sub-tertiary Controllinator."

That, or just come out and say you've been playing copy-cat since the PS1.