Thursday, October 21, 2010

[GLITCH] Super Meat Boy's Chapter 4 Boss: Easy Defeat Method

GameFAQs. I've never once saw eye-to-eye to these people. They've rejected an "in-depth guide" I submitted (differences between the GameCube and PS2 differences of Resident Evil 4, which I spent tedious hours on, detailing many, many differences between the two), they're forum members are douchebags and idiots (there can be one shining star every once in a while), and they've now rejected a valid glitch for Super Meat Boy, which I am now going to share to you, pulled straight from my Contributor Status page:

Easy Chapter 4: Hell Boss Method

During the boss fight in Chapter 4: Hell, pause the game, go to [Switch Character], and the game will say you cannot. Press 'A' and you'll still be in the pause menu, however, the boss will still be going about his animations in the background, and you are invincible! After each attack, he will simply stay put, awaiting for you to un-pause the game. Simply exit out of the pause menu, pause again, and repeat the process above.

Note: After he completes each attack, all he'll do is sit there with that same shit-eating grin on his face. You'll have to back out to the game, pause again and redo the process.

Simple, right? You probably would never find this on your own - more by accident than actual determination to find a way around the fight - and is pretty valid, and straight to the point. Right?


GameFAQs admins kicked it back to me, rejecting it, saying, simply, "Not a Cheat". Here is a further explanation in the same rejection notice:

The submitted "cheat" (meaning code, easter egg, secret, etc; all of which are "cheats") does not meet the approval conditions for posting. GameFAQs has strict cheat posting standards set in place as literally thousands of things are submitted on a weekly basis that claim to be "cheats" and if all were posted, the cheats page for most games would be completely unreadable and not useful to the reader at all. Specific reasons for each category include:

-Codes and passwords should be valid and actually be a code or password. Codes are button presses without a prompt and passwords are sequences of characters entered at a game prompt.

-Unlockables should highlight how to obtain something secret or hidden outside of the boundaries of a normal playthrough of a game or something that requires specific gameplay actions to obtain (such as Xbox 360 achievements or other rankings that require a specific action to be performed). Things that are mandatory in order to complete a game or lists of items within a game that are purchased with in-game points should not be submitted. Also, secret characters in role-playing games are generally not unlockables unless they are very deeply hidden in the game beyond a simple side-quest.

-Easter Eggs should always be non-canonical (meaning outside of the "world" where the game takes place). Also, they should be useful in some manner (meaning that the non-canonical entity serves some purpose within the game aside from just being there), though exceptions are made for particularly difficult to find or especially neat or interesting easter eggs. Cameos (characters from other games making a guest appearance) are not considered Easter Eggs.

-Glitches should serve an actual purpose in the game. While there might be a glitch to fall through a wall or make a character huge, unless doing so is somehow useful to the player, they will not be posted.

-Secret is the catch-all category for cheats that are hard to classify in the other categories, but it is not intended to be used to just submit random bits of information about the game. The cheat should attempt to follow the rules of the closest relatable category above, and should always serve some kind of tangible purpose to the player.

See the Cheats section of the Help pages for more information on what is and isn't a cheat. If a cheat is rejected for this reason, it should not be resubmitted without a very well-written explanation as to why it should be posted. "It was posted on another game/the same game on a different console!" is never an acceptable reason. If a cheat is rejected a second time, it should not be resubmitted again.
The italicized text is exactly what my submission is, a glitch, plain and simple.

So, I resubmitted it. I included a hefty retaliation to their rejection, which should clear the air as to why it is valid. Here's what I wrote:

I've reworded the glitch to be a little more precise, however, I do not understand why this was rejected to begin with. The method is a glitch; there is nothing in the game that would even begin to hint to the player as advice to do such. As the "Enemy/Boss Tips" selection under "Select a Cheat Type" states:

"Non-obvious weakness or tips to easily defeat a boss or enemy in a game, specific to an enemy or group of enemies."

This is exactly that, a non-obvious tip to easily defeat a boss.

I read over the submission's rejection status in my Contributor Central, and there wasn't one thing that my glitch fell under; in the rejection note, I got this about Glitches:

"-Glitches should serve an actual purpose in the game. While there might be a glitch to fall through a wall or make a character huge, unless doing so is somehow useful to the player, they will not be posted."

This glitch is incredibly useful, as it helps you defeat a fairly difficult boss with absolutely no effort put into the battle.

Can I please have further information on the rejection reason?

Let's see where this goes...