Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halo Wars Shuts Down December 15: 2 Down, 3 To Go

Remember when Halo 2 had it's doors shut back in April? Who'da thunk that a second Halo game would be closing it's LIVE doors later that same year?

Recently announced on the forums, Halo Wars will be closing down in less than 3 weeks time. Not just the game's online functionality, but the forums as well. People aren't happy. Want proof? Here's the first comment on the thread about the shut-down:

Game is dead. Fuck you.

Yea, for realz.

So, for a recap: shuts down and transitions to's forums (just the name, not the threads and whatnot), stat-tracking is no longer existant, Title Update 5 hits (which doesn't include all the problems they promised to fix), forum members get an exclusive avatar images for their account on, and everyone is pissed. This happens on December 15.

So, if Ensemble has been dead and buried for a while, is this the same and encasing the coffin in concrete?

[Halo Wars forum]