Thursday, December 9, 2010

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Announced [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Amazon has posted what appears to be a stand-in box art for the game, which simply uses the artwork available in the press kit, and is nothing more than the panoramic shot with the PS3 box art template thrown around it. Remember, Uncharted 2's box art was created using artwork that was released when the game was announced as well. Check it after the break.

Original Story: Oh yea. This is what I'm talking about. Sony, on their, just announced Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and that it will take place in the Arabian Deserts (along with a teaser video). Following the path of Indiana Jones, eh?

This time around, Naughty Dog "wanted to deal with the challenge of animating the fluid landscape", as to why they chose the desert setting. They're not just going with the desert to test their skills, oh ho ho ho, Drake & Co. will be searching for the "Atlantis of the Desert", or Iram (which has many different names). Sully will apparently be getting a bigger goddamned role, which has me gitty for more interlaced blasphemous deliciousness.

Naughty Dog will be on hand on Jimmy Fallon's late night show on Monday, December 13, to give a live demo of the game. Entertainment Weekly's December 17 issue will also feature "a ton of additional details on UNCHARTED 3 and the new art shown above in glorious, full color print."

The game doesn't have a projected release window, but judging by the other games (and seeing as it's announced at the tail end of this year), I'm assuming a Fall 2011 release date.

I will kill myself before the game comes out, the anticipation is that bad. In the meantime, check out a glorious artwork panoramic of Drake and another crashed plane.