Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What are they mining in Donkey Kong Country Returns?

if you talk to Cranky Kong every once in a while (presumably in the Mines area), he'll ask you something along the lines of "Just what are they mining down there?" I have a theory to this:


For those not in the know, Phazon is that nasty shit from the Metroid Prime subseries that corrupts whatever it touches (or just hurts like hell in Samus' case). Now, I haven't beaten the game, nor will I. The last boss is a huge pain the ass, it is unfuckingbelieveable how Retro actually managed to put the thing in there and said "Yep. This is good. Ship it!". So, I don't know what happens near the end.


I have a strong feeling that Retro is throwing an homage to itself and Metroid by having Phazon come out of the mines. Want proof? Look at some of the mine carts during levels that has DK riding them. Just what is that shiny blue shit in there? I'll give you one guess...