Monday, January 24, 2011

Halo's Forerunners See Light of Day

Are you a Halo fan? Wondered how the Forerunners actually looked? Well, imagine no more, as Bungie artist Isaac Hannaford has updated his personal blog with some very nice concept art, ranging from ODST up until Reach, with some Waypoint-reference material making it's debut, including a Forerunner's combat suit.

Now, this isn't a Forerunner, but a "Forerunner related experiment...regarding the combat suits referred to in the Waypoint data access points." It's worth mentioning this, as two things arise:

1) This is a concept piece of artwork
2) It's a Forerunner experiement

Take heed, as Forerunners have actually never been seen, with the exception of a few pieces of art showing Forerunners in various suits; we have yet to see what a Forerunner actually looks like. We've also never seen a Forerunner in a full-frontal pose with this much detail.

Also, it's badass. Here's hoping that Halo 4 brings to light more info about Forerunners, and if they actually are an alien race that advanced human evolution, or if they actually are humans.

[Via Bungie via Isaac Hanaford's personal blog]