Monday, April 25, 2011

Cleaning up my RSS Feeds

It's spring time, and it's time for some cleaning. Let's start with the most bothersome: my computer. Let's keep it small and start with RSS feeds. As it stands, my RSS feed has 23 sources.

Twenty. Three.

I should not have that many feeds, and after Gizmodo's undying need to post irrelevant shit, reposts of sister-site stories that have nothing to do with gadgets, their baby-sized posts of one or two sentences with a link to their source (pretty much a Twitter-esque post), or just overall debacles, I've decided to clean things up a bit.

That, and I'm sick of sorting through 300 stories a day when I get home from work, as well as my annual trip to New Jersey for Bamboozle is this weekend, I wanna keep my nightly tech splurges back in the hotel room to a minimum, and focused more on pizza, beer and playing caps.

As you can see to the left, this is a representation of my RSS feeds, courtesy of Reeder, my default choice of RSS feeders. As above, I have 23 feeds. Dropping down to 20 is ideal. 15 would be great. But where to start...

First to go is the obvious: Gizmodo. I only started following them during their iPhone 4 "coverage" around this time last year. That's a given. They have just under a quarter of a million subscribers, according to Google Reader (probably due in part to people like me, who started following them during the aforementioned time frame), so me leaving won't hurt. However, I suggest you do the same if you feel their quality waning on you.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Best Buy Will Pay Me $10 to Buy Portal 2

You read that right: Best Buy will pay me $10 to buy Portal 2. Don't believe me? Ha!

As you can see above, Best Buy - as of April 17 at 10:30pm Eastern - is selling Portal 2 for $15 off all three versions of the game (PS3/360 - $45; PC - $35). I will be buying the PS3 version, despite my mantra of buying multiplatform games on the 360; the reason being is because of, obviously, Steamworks.

They are also throwing in a $10 gift card just for buying the damned thing (effectively cutting the cost down to $35 and $25, respectively).

But where does the leftover $45 come into play?

Back in February, I bought the new MacBook Pro refresh (the low-end, 15" for $1800). Best Buy's Reward Zone card (essentially their frequent buyers card) gives you one point for every dollar spent, with 250 point thresholds; they give you $5 back with every $250 spent, essentially 2% back on every purchase. That $1800 purchase alone scored me a $35 certificate. Since I'm a Premier Silver member (purchase $2500 worth of crap in a year, and they upgrade you're account), I earn 25% more points. They gave me $450 worth of points on top of that purchase, netting me $2,250 worth of points, equaling a $45 certificate on the dot.

That certificate pays for Portal 2, and they're going to give me a $10 certificate.


[REVIEW] A Lot of Games, Volume 2, Part 3

Look familiar, right? You're looking at a series of six posts in the second volume where I gather together a bunch of games I haven't talked about, write mini-reviews on them, and serve them straight to your noggin. Sure, they may not get the attention they deserve, but I get my point across fairly well. This time, I start way back in September and work my way up until early March. We're looking at a solid 24 games to be reviewed here. Be sure to brush up on the Review FAQ to make sure you understand my scoring before you whirl-up a bitch-fest.

Again, again, more reviews. This time, we've got a few sequels, a collection of games and zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Let's do this.