Monday, April 25, 2011

Cleaning up my RSS Feeds

It's spring time, and it's time for some cleaning. Let's start with the most bothersome: my computer. Let's keep it small and start with RSS feeds. As it stands, my RSS feed has 23 sources.

Twenty. Three.

I should not have that many feeds, and after Gizmodo's undying need to post irrelevant shit, reposts of sister-site stories that have nothing to do with gadgets, their baby-sized posts of one or two sentences with a link to their source (pretty much a Twitter-esque post), or just overall debacles, I've decided to clean things up a bit.

That, and I'm sick of sorting through 300 stories a day when I get home from work, as well as my annual trip to New Jersey for Bamboozle is this weekend, I wanna keep my nightly tech splurges back in the hotel room to a minimum, and focused more on pizza, beer and playing caps.

As you can see to the left, this is a representation of my RSS feeds, courtesy of Reeder, my default choice of RSS feeders. As above, I have 23 feeds. Dropping down to 20 is ideal. 15 would be great. But where to start...

First to go is the obvious: Gizmodo. I only started following them during their iPhone 4 "coverage" around this time last year. That's a given. They have just under a quarter of a million subscribers, according to Google Reader (probably due in part to people like me, who started following them during the aforementioned time frame), so me leaving won't hurt. However, I suggest you do the same if you feel their quality waning on you.

Next up, I'm hacking off Thrifty Nerd. Cheapy-D gets the job done much better, and the quality of his posts are easier on the eyes, plus their contests that I never win are pretty snazzy, too. With a whopping 37 subscribers, I can see why I'm already deleting them after signing up just about a month ago.

This comes as a shocker to me, but seeing as their sister site is Engadget, I don't see the point to keeping these guys alive in my feed, but The Unofficial Apple Weblog (or TUAW for short) has got to go. They have more subscribers than Gizmodo, but far, far less than Engadget (1.6 million, to be exact). TUAW is an Apple blog, but therein lies the problem: they're an Apple blog. I like Apple. I like my iPhone. I love my MacBook Pro. I despise the iPad. I think it's absolute garbage; I don't need an iPod touch XL. What's do fucking magical about it? Why do all my customers clamor for this device? Oh, that's right, this. I don't need to hear about it more than I need to, and that's if we have some at the store to sell. I consider myself an Apple fan. Not a fanboy, and I don't need to listen to them banter on. That, and I get the pertinent Apple info out of Engadget, at a better rate, and a far better quality.

Finally, the last one to leave is the ever-so-powerful Bungie. Yes, Bungie. Why? Well, what they post is almost irrelevant, and their RSS feed snippets are only one liners that do nothing to inform you on what the post is. Sorry, Bungie.