Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[ENDEAVOR] Create Site with Achievements List for Nintendo Games

"I'm thinking about starting up a website that will have a list of achievements for Wii games (let's call them Medals) that you can use to keep track of game progress as well as compare with friends, minus the whole "official" thing from Nintendo."

That was the intended status update on my Facebook page before sharing it here. My thought is to create a site that creates a list of Achievement/Trophy-like, well, achievements for your various Nintendo platform games (beginning with Wii, and working into (3)DS(i) games) (using Metroid Prime Trilogy's Medal system), allowing you to keep track of game progress, as well as compare this with friends; think of these sites like xbox360achievements.org or ps3trophies.org.

Of course, it all works on the honesty policy, hoping you are honest with your progress. For the more outlandish Medals, I'd think about having players send in proof of their accomplishments in before the Medal would register to their account.

Another benefit of the system would be to allow you to discover new things to do in your games. 360 and PS3 gamers have this benefit built in, which they can find new things to do that they didn't know existed.

Of course, it's a nice little project. Sadly, I know jack shit about website programming.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sinking Lure Found in Ocarina of Time 3DS

It's no surprise that Ocarina of Time for the 3DS is what a lot of people go out and buy the system for. Hell, it's why I dropped the cash credit for it.

Seeing as I'm pretty much retracing my steps in the game as I did in every playthrough of the original, I'm at Lake Hylia after I snatched up Ruto's Letter in a Bottle, and I ventured into the fishing pond.

First off, let me say that that fishing pond has received the most work as of yet in the game in terms of graphical overhaul; it's no longer a circle, but more of a "random" assortment of zigs and zags in the wall, and it has less sand and more rock.

Regardless, I tried the most common spots for the sinking lure here: the perimeter of the pond (the grass reeds that line the place are gone), as well as on top of that log we all stand on to fish. Well, I had no luck.

It wasn't until I randomly backflipped onto a rock near the wooden poles (pictured) that I got it. I don't remember the sinking lure here at all, so I'm thinking it's a new place. I actually backflipped over the rock to Link's left and landed on the center one, so it could be sitting on the one on the left, it could be on the center one. Who knows. Try it. Let me know.

Monday, June 13, 2011

[NO SPOILERS] Infamous 2 Ending, Infamous 3 Teased?

I just beat Infamous 2 earlier today with the Good Karma ending, and I didn't notice it until cruising the web, but at the very end, the very very end, it gives you a little shocker (heh) about a possible sequel. Rumors surface on either a prequel (ala MGS3) with Kessler as the protagonist (the original Cole, before he had to go back in time to warn his younger self about the Beast), or the time/space rip Kessler made is growing without no one knowing, and Cole's brother (I discovered this on the Infamous Wiki; not sure if he's mentioned in the Evil side of IF2, nor can I remember if he's mentioned at all in IF1) is the protagonist as either a natural Conduit or a forced Conduit (ala Kuo).

Regardless, here's the image that could be the hint towards a sequel/prequel. Someone thought they saw a '3' in there when they originally watched the ending, but the still indefinitely proves that it's a question mark as the final lightning bolt in the end cinematic.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How'd I Do on Nintendo's Conference? [UPDATED]

Nintendo's conference is here and gone. Here's how my predictions held up:
  • Wii 2 Revealed, Called Simply "Nintendo" : KINDA : Revealed, but named WiiU, with that weird-ass tablet controller that can stream - without lag - from the system to the controller. What the fuck?
  • Wii 2 Priced Less Than $250 : NO : No pricing details.
  • Wii 2 Hardware is Out of This World : ??? : They showed no hardware outside of the controller (probably still prototype), and nothing about console specs. However, the visuals look great, so I can only assume.
  • Friend Codes Killed : NOT YET YES : For what they're showing, they better. In an interview with Ubisoft, they confirmed Nintendo has killed Friend Codes in favor of a "single online identity". Thank Thor!
  • Nintendo's Heavy Hitters on 3DS : YES : 5 games, actually: Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D, StarFox, Kid Icarus and Luigi's Mansion 2.
  • (Some) Launch Titles Shown for Wii 2 : YES : LEGO City Stories was the only game announced for WiiU, but THQ said Darksiders 2 is coming. Arkham City confirmed for WiiU, Assassin's Creed hinted, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ghost Recon Online (!!), Metro: Last Night (!), Tekken was confirmed, Ninja Gaiden 3 (!!!!)...all of these shown as a demo reel, confirmed for development, but not actual launch titles. Looks like Army of Two was a still behind Riccitiello while he was on stage. Colored me very impressed.
  • 3DS Price Drop to less than $200 : NOT YET : With the threat that is the Vita at the same price, I can only assume they will drop the price in the next few months.
  • Nintendo Honors Zelda With a 25th Anniversary Collection : KINDA : Not a collection, but some freebers. Oh, and an orchestra concert this fall.
  • Nintendo Announces Their Own Slew of HD Collections : SADLY, NO : Nothing yet, but with WiiU games looking the way they do, they should be making them. Soon.

Uhg. 3 right, 2 kinda right, 4 dead wrong.

With Ubisoft's confirmation that Friend Codes are dead, that tipped the favor in my direction for a 4:2:3 ratio. I'll take that, thank you very much.

Monday, June 6, 2011

How'd I Do on Sony's Conference?

So, I missed the live stream of Sony's conference, but it allowed me to fast-forward through the boring shit, like Tretton's opening monologue. Find out more about my predictions on the original post:

  • New Move Bundles : YES : Starting it off with a Resistance 3 package, Sony announced new Move bundles.
  • Move Price Drop : NO : Nope. Sadly.
  • New In-House IPs : YES : StarHawk, Dust 514, Ruin (Vita/PS3 cross support),
  • Sequels : YES : Resistance 3 was the intro child, but Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was the first true announcement shown. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (or Uncharted Ø), was shown running on the just-prior named PS Vita.
  • HD Collections : YES : God of War's Origin Collection (Chains of Olympus/Ghost of Sparta) was announced, and Team ICO was reaffirmed.
  • PS4 Teaser : NO : Sadly, no. Not surprising, as the main focus was Move and Vita.
  • Steam Integration : NO : Unfortunately, no.
  • NGP Renamed Vita, Combating 3DS Price Point, Holiday 2011 : YES : Confirmed as PlayStation Vita ("vee-tah"), available in either 3G/Wi-Fi (on AT&T) or Wi-Fi only models with cross-platform saves, allowing you to start on the Vita, save, and pick up on the PS3 at home, or vice versa (only on supported titles, of course). Pricing starts at $249 for the Wi-Fi (now that's competitive) and $299 for the 3G/Wi-Fi model, coming Holiday 2011. Fuck. Ing. Called it. Nintendo needs to drop the price on 3DS. NOW.
  • KB : NO : Fuck. Where's the humility?

Not bad, actually. 5 out of 9? Pretty good. 

Nintendo Predictions

So I'm working tomorrow morning, and I'm going to miss Nintendo's conference live. However, I will kill any asshole who dare talks about the revelations tomorrow before I get home.

With that said, here's my predictions for Nintendo's conference:

  • Wii 2 Revealed, Called Simply "Nintendo" With rumors of it being called Wii 2, Wii HD or even Been, it's hard to narrow it down to something viable. To keep the masses in line, Nintendo should call it just that, the Nintendo. No subtitle. Nothing.
  • Wii 2 Priced Less Than $250 Simple as that. A new system cheaper than it's current-gen competitors would really kick someone in the nuts.
  • Wii 2 Hardware is Out of This World Nintendo caught up to the PS2 when it added a traditional DVD player to the Wii. Nintendo could surprise a lot of people by adding things like Blu-Ray, dual-band WiFi, HDMI output and a built-in hard drive that has, at least, a double-digit size in the gigabites.
  • Friend Codes Killed They are clinging on to dear life on the 3DS, and if Nintendo really wants to push multiplayer, they need to kill off their absolutely ridiculous Friend Code system so people can find each other easier.
  • Nintendo's Heavy Hitters on 3DS Out of all of the games teased, Nintendo still hasn't shown off a new Mario game, Mario Kart, Metroid, Kirby or Donkey Kong. I expect most, if not all, to show up.
  • (Some) Launch Titles Shown for Wii 2 Mario Galaxy 3 would be a stretch as a launch title, but I wouldn't be surprised. Any, if not most, third party multiplatform titles that are coming out for the 360 and PS3 next year could very well end up as a launch title for the next Nintendo system. As for first party, anything is possible from Nintendo. Except Zelda.
  • 3DS Price Drop to less than $200 Nintendo announced - and launched - the 3DS way too early. The $250 price tag was to circumvent R&D costs early. With 3 months under Nintendo's belt, they could go the route of Apple and announce a price drop, effective in the next month or so (surely not before Ocarina's launch).
  • Nintendo Honors Zelda With a 25th Anniversary Collection Mario's homage was shit. Let's be honest. With Zelda, Nintendo can do anything and it would be better than what they did for their Italian plumber.
  • Nintendo Announces Their Own Slew of HD Collections Sony started it, Konami just entered it, and now, it's Nintendo's turn. Zelda, Metroid, Mario, StarFox...they could all have their own HD collections.
There ya go. I'll find out if I was right around 6pm tomorrow.

Sony Conference Predictions, Microsoft Recap

Unlike last year, I didn't make predictions for E3 prior to the show. Going in, however, my top 3 predictions on Facebook for Microsoft was Halo 4, a Dashboard revamp and a price drop. I was 2 for 3 on that one. I was actually following Joystiq's bingo card, which they only got a handful right.

Microsoft's conference was pretty solid. They officially unveiled Halo: CE remake (sub-dubbed "Anniversary", just as the leak predicted) and Halo 4, which sees the return on Chief and Cortana's respective voice actors, that world from the ending of Halo 3's Legendary ending reappears with a tractor beam, a possible new weapon that looks like the pistol that fires explosives and looks like Chief got an upgrade in his cryo-stasis with a jetpack/zero-grav boosters.

The game demos are nice: MW3 was pretty cool, Gears 3 was nice, could care less on the Disney game for Kinect, and all the onesies and twosies were hit-or-miss. I just wish Don Mattrick would disappear, but thankfully he was there seldomly.

Anyways, here's the Sony E3 predictions:

  • New Move Bundles Either a new system bundle, an update to the Sports Champions bundle, or a brand new stand-alone bundle that actually gives. If they do, the Navigation Controller will (finally) be thrown in. 
  • Move Price Drop If there's any new bundles, Sony may drop the price on the accessories; Move controller should drop to $40 considering the mark up, and the Navigation should drop to $20-25. If there's any reason to buy Move, pricing it less than Nintendo's controllers (considering not everyone owns the EyeToy camera) would be fair-game.
  • New In-House IPs With Insomniac confirming their new IP, Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog and Santa Monica should unveil some new IPs. Speaking of in-house devs...
  • Sequels - God of War 4, Sly 4, Jak and Daxter 4...all of these games are on their fourth installment. Showcasing these to bring some thunder away from Halo and the Wii HD would be very wise.
  • HD Collections We've got Japan's release date for the Team ICO collection, so a release date for the rest of us would be smart. Konami announced MGS, ZoE and Silent Hill collections, so Sony-specific collections would be nice (Jak collection, Ratchet collection), as well as exclusive collections (Grand Theft Auto) and PSP remasters (God of War) would be killer.
  • PS4 Teaser If anyone needs good press, Sony is in dire need. Hot off the heels of their PSN debacle, Sony could very well pull a Halo 4 and throw us a teaser for the PlayStation 4. Like I said, it's the Year of the 4. 
  • Steam Integration The PS3 needs some help with the online integration. Let's be honest: the PSN sucks. Last year, Gabe Newell bitch-slapped us with Portal 2 and Steamworks. Pulling full Steam integration would be nigh impossible, so some small Steam integration - basically taking Portal 2's Steamworks to a whole new level - would be highly welcomed.
  • NGP Renamed Vita, Combating 3DS Price Point, Holiday 2011 The big boy of Sony's conference, the NGP, is rumored to be renamed PlayStation Vita (poor taste in naming, honestly), they'll price it competitively with the 3DS (around $300 or less; anything more and they're batshit crazy). Finally, they'll throw it our way later this year. '
  • KB Need I say more?
Let's see how I do later tonight.

Microsoft Flubs Up, Outs Halo 4, Halo: CE Remake and Others

Just before I head out the door to attend to some pre-E3 errands, I catch this in my RSS inbox: Kotaku snagged this image of Microsoft's E3 website - which was ripped down as quickly as it was put up - that outs not only the re-confirmation of the Halo: Combat Evolved remake (with a sub-subtitle of "Anniversary"), but also Halo 4, promising not just a return to Bungie's Halo-verse, but leaving with a tease of "that's not all".

Also on the image:

  • Gears of War 3
  • Modern Warfare 3
  • Ryse (Kinect)
  • Kinect Star Wars
  • Dance Central 2
  • Halo: Combat Evolved Remake
  • Kinect Sports Season 2
  • Seasame Street: Once Upon a Monster (Double Fine?)
  • Kinect Fun Labs
  • Summer of Arcade
  • Halo 4*

Halo 4 isn't in the list, but that giant image in the middle of Chief beaming Cortana out of his helmet onto a flat surface (the ending from Halo 3). The return of the Summer of Arcade promotion is warming, knowing that some bomb-ass XBLA games are on their way.

[Via Kotaku]