Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[ENDEAVOR] Create Site with Achievements List for Nintendo Games

"I'm thinking about starting up a website that will have a list of achievements for Wii games (let's call them Medals) that you can use to keep track of game progress as well as compare with friends, minus the whole "official" thing from Nintendo."

That was the intended status update on my Facebook page before sharing it here. My thought is to create a site that creates a list of Achievement/Trophy-like, well, achievements for your various Nintendo platform games (beginning with Wii, and working into (3)DS(i) games) (using Metroid Prime Trilogy's Medal system), allowing you to keep track of game progress, as well as compare this with friends; think of these sites like xbox360achievements.org or ps3trophies.org.

Of course, it all works on the honesty policy, hoping you are honest with your progress. For the more outlandish Medals, I'd think about having players send in proof of their accomplishments in before the Medal would register to their account.

Another benefit of the system would be to allow you to discover new things to do in your games. 360 and PS3 gamers have this benefit built in, which they can find new things to do that they didn't know existed.

Of course, it's a nice little project. Sadly, I know jack shit about website programming.