Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How'd I Do on Nintendo's Conference? [UPDATED]

Nintendo's conference is here and gone. Here's how my predictions held up:
  • Wii 2 Revealed, Called Simply "Nintendo" : KINDA : Revealed, but named WiiU, with that weird-ass tablet controller that can stream - without lag - from the system to the controller. What the fuck?
  • Wii 2 Priced Less Than $250 : NO : No pricing details.
  • Wii 2 Hardware is Out of This World : ??? : They showed no hardware outside of the controller (probably still prototype), and nothing about console specs. However, the visuals look great, so I can only assume.
  • Friend Codes Killed : NOT YET YES : For what they're showing, they better. In an interview with Ubisoft, they confirmed Nintendo has killed Friend Codes in favor of a "single online identity". Thank Thor!
  • Nintendo's Heavy Hitters on 3DS : YES : 5 games, actually: Mario Kart, Super Mario 3D, StarFox, Kid Icarus and Luigi's Mansion 2.
  • (Some) Launch Titles Shown for Wii 2 : YES : LEGO City Stories was the only game announced for WiiU, but THQ said Darksiders 2 is coming. Arkham City confirmed for WiiU, Assassin's Creed hinted, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ghost Recon Online (!!), Metro: Last Night (!), Tekken was confirmed, Ninja Gaiden 3 (!!!!)...all of these shown as a demo reel, confirmed for development, but not actual launch titles. Looks like Army of Two was a still behind Riccitiello while he was on stage. Colored me very impressed.
  • 3DS Price Drop to less than $200 : NOT YET : With the threat that is the Vita at the same price, I can only assume they will drop the price in the next few months.
  • Nintendo Honors Zelda With a 25th Anniversary Collection : KINDA : Not a collection, but some freebers. Oh, and an orchestra concert this fall.
  • Nintendo Announces Their Own Slew of HD Collections : SADLY, NO : Nothing yet, but with WiiU games looking the way they do, they should be making them. Soon.

Uhg. 3 right, 2 kinda right, 4 dead wrong.

With Ubisoft's confirmation that Friend Codes are dead, that tipped the favor in my direction for a 4:2:3 ratio. I'll take that, thank you very much.