Monday, June 6, 2011

Nintendo Predictions

So I'm working tomorrow morning, and I'm going to miss Nintendo's conference live. However, I will kill any asshole who dare talks about the revelations tomorrow before I get home.

With that said, here's my predictions for Nintendo's conference:

  • Wii 2 Revealed, Called Simply "Nintendo" With rumors of it being called Wii 2, Wii HD or even Been, it's hard to narrow it down to something viable. To keep the masses in line, Nintendo should call it just that, the Nintendo. No subtitle. Nothing.
  • Wii 2 Priced Less Than $250 Simple as that. A new system cheaper than it's current-gen competitors would really kick someone in the nuts.
  • Wii 2 Hardware is Out of This World Nintendo caught up to the PS2 when it added a traditional DVD player to the Wii. Nintendo could surprise a lot of people by adding things like Blu-Ray, dual-band WiFi, HDMI output and a built-in hard drive that has, at least, a double-digit size in the gigabites.
  • Friend Codes Killed They are clinging on to dear life on the 3DS, and if Nintendo really wants to push multiplayer, they need to kill off their absolutely ridiculous Friend Code system so people can find each other easier.
  • Nintendo's Heavy Hitters on 3DS Out of all of the games teased, Nintendo still hasn't shown off a new Mario game, Mario Kart, Metroid, Kirby or Donkey Kong. I expect most, if not all, to show up.
  • (Some) Launch Titles Shown for Wii 2 Mario Galaxy 3 would be a stretch as a launch title, but I wouldn't be surprised. Any, if not most, third party multiplatform titles that are coming out for the 360 and PS3 next year could very well end up as a launch title for the next Nintendo system. As for first party, anything is possible from Nintendo. Except Zelda.
  • 3DS Price Drop to less than $200 Nintendo announced - and launched - the 3DS way too early. The $250 price tag was to circumvent R&D costs early. With 3 months under Nintendo's belt, they could go the route of Apple and announce a price drop, effective in the next month or so (surely not before Ocarina's launch).
  • Nintendo Honors Zelda With a 25th Anniversary Collection Mario's homage was shit. Let's be honest. With Zelda, Nintendo can do anything and it would be better than what they did for their Italian plumber.
  • Nintendo Announces Their Own Slew of HD Collections Sony started it, Konami just entered it, and now, it's Nintendo's turn. Zelda, Metroid, Mario, StarFox...they could all have their own HD collections.
There ya go. I'll find out if I was right around 6pm tomorrow.