Monday, June 6, 2011

Sony Conference Predictions, Microsoft Recap

Unlike last year, I didn't make predictions for E3 prior to the show. Going in, however, my top 3 predictions on Facebook for Microsoft was Halo 4, a Dashboard revamp and a price drop. I was 2 for 3 on that one. I was actually following Joystiq's bingo card, which they only got a handful right.

Microsoft's conference was pretty solid. They officially unveiled Halo: CE remake (sub-dubbed "Anniversary", just as the leak predicted) and Halo 4, which sees the return on Chief and Cortana's respective voice actors, that world from the ending of Halo 3's Legendary ending reappears with a tractor beam, a possible new weapon that looks like the pistol that fires explosives and looks like Chief got an upgrade in his cryo-stasis with a jetpack/zero-grav boosters.

The game demos are nice: MW3 was pretty cool, Gears 3 was nice, could care less on the Disney game for Kinect, and all the onesies and twosies were hit-or-miss. I just wish Don Mattrick would disappear, but thankfully he was there seldomly.

Anyways, here's the Sony E3 predictions:

  • New Move Bundles Either a new system bundle, an update to the Sports Champions bundle, or a brand new stand-alone bundle that actually gives. If they do, the Navigation Controller will (finally) be thrown in. 
  • Move Price Drop If there's any new bundles, Sony may drop the price on the accessories; Move controller should drop to $40 considering the mark up, and the Navigation should drop to $20-25. If there's any reason to buy Move, pricing it less than Nintendo's controllers (considering not everyone owns the EyeToy camera) would be fair-game.
  • New In-House IPs With Insomniac confirming their new IP, Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog and Santa Monica should unveil some new IPs. Speaking of in-house devs...
  • Sequels - God of War 4, Sly 4, Jak and Daxter 4...all of these games are on their fourth installment. Showcasing these to bring some thunder away from Halo and the Wii HD would be very wise.
  • HD Collections We've got Japan's release date for the Team ICO collection, so a release date for the rest of us would be smart. Konami announced MGS, ZoE and Silent Hill collections, so Sony-specific collections would be nice (Jak collection, Ratchet collection), as well as exclusive collections (Grand Theft Auto) and PSP remasters (God of War) would be killer.
  • PS4 Teaser If anyone needs good press, Sony is in dire need. Hot off the heels of their PSN debacle, Sony could very well pull a Halo 4 and throw us a teaser for the PlayStation 4. Like I said, it's the Year of the 4. 
  • Steam Integration The PS3 needs some help with the online integration. Let's be honest: the PSN sucks. Last year, Gabe Newell bitch-slapped us with Portal 2 and Steamworks. Pulling full Steam integration would be nigh impossible, so some small Steam integration - basically taking Portal 2's Steamworks to a whole new level - would be highly welcomed.
  • NGP Renamed Vita, Combating 3DS Price Point, Holiday 2011 The big boy of Sony's conference, the NGP, is rumored to be renamed PlayStation Vita (poor taste in naming, honestly), they'll price it competitively with the 3DS (around $300 or less; anything more and they're batshit crazy). Finally, they'll throw it our way later this year. '
  • KB Need I say more?
Let's see how I do later tonight.