Saturday, September 24, 2011

[EXTRA INCENTIVE] Stakes Raised for Destroyed Controller's Logo Contest

Here's the deal: the contest for creating a logo for the website hasn't been as...lively as I thought it would be.

The original contest prizes were a 3-Month card to Xbox Live, and the runner-up won a Flaming Helmet Avatar prop for your, well, avatar.

I've decided, with a recent freebie by Microsoft, to up the ante for those that are willing to take part in this contest. Wanna see how the grand prize winner will be rewarded? Hit the break and find out.

BAM! How's that? I'll give the grand prize winner a free fucking copy of Halo: Reach. There is a slight catch: it's download only. You'll need about 6.6 GB on your hard drive (or USB drive, if you're that guy). 

Suck it.