Friday, September 16, 2011

[UPDATED] Resident Evil 6 Announced, Teases Game Location with Coordinates

*Yes, I know it's blurry; it's a still I snapped from cam footage of the teaser trailer.

[UPDATE] You dirty, dirty whore. It turns out that the trailer is a fake. Kotaku says that sources are telling them the trailer is fake, but that "early morning confirmations" from Capcom Japan said the trailer was being shown at TGS behind closed doors.

So what's going on here? I have no fucking idea, but Capcom better release a statement about just what the shit happened in the last 24 hours.

[Original Post]

48.415802 -89.2673

That's the numbers to take away from this trailer, as Capcom has officially announced Biohazard Resident Evil 6.

I went ahead and plotted the coordinates in Google Earth, and brought me to a town called Thunder Bay, in Ontario, Canada, just past the US border north of Minnesota. What's so special about Thunder Bay? Well, a quick trip to Wikipedia shows that it is the most populous municipality in NW Ontario. Settlement began in the late 17th century with fur trading on the river banks, which became vital for shipping goods between Canada, the Great Lakes and the East Coast of the US. That means jack shit, because the kicker is that Thunder Town has become a "knowledge economy" due to - here we go - medical research and education.


Was that your mind blasting? How about imploding? Regardless of how I just mindfucked you, it gives an actual reason for Capcom to tie in a bunch of biohazard (heh) tech and research in Thunder Village, bringing us back to North America with a pretty big water source (Great Lakes > Mississippi River and Erie Canal > US waterways and systems) so using a water-based concoction may be something in the next game. Regardless, Thunder City seems like a really cool name for a town. Too bad it's real.

The teaser trailer - via Kotaku - has only one bit of artwork/in-game footage that "one place has the key to stop it all."

Excited? You better be.

Me? Well, if they fix the controls (yes, Chris is built like a tank, but he shouldn't control like one) and get rid of the real-time inventory management, bring back actual zombies and some good fucking scares, we may have a winner. Predictions on characters? I'm going to say Claire, only because it's been a while since we've seen her (Code: Veronica), Leon (let's face it: he's awesome), or a reunion between the two and give RE2 a run for it's money.