Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[HOW'D I DO?] Apple Announces New iPhone

Yes, this is Infinity Blade 2. Suck it.

Apple today announced the iPhone 4S. Last night, I laid out my predictions. How'd I fare?

  • iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 announced - Half Right - They announced the 4S, but no 5. Guess we'll have to wait until next year...
  • 4S to be cheaper, smaller capacity iPhone with incredibly minute revisions, if at all - HA! - Wow, I was way off here. Still the same price, same capacities with a new tier, but there are some very small revisions.
  • 5 to be for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, with 4G LTE on V/S, one SKU for each carrier - Almost - The only thing I got right here was that there is a unified SKU across all carriers, and that it's coming to Sprint (4 and 4S)
  • Larger MP camera (8MP?) - Oh Yea - Nailed it. 8MP and full HD 1080p video recording.
  • Higher capacity (up to 64GB) - Double Oh Yea - Fucking finally.
  • Wider homebutton - Nope - Again, wrong.
  • Larger device footprint - Wrong - Again
  • 3GS to go free with 2-year contract - Nailed It - 3GS is now free with a 2-year selling of your soul to AT&T only.
  • Jobs won't be there - Yup - Tim Cook had a few minions, but the Overseer was absent.
  • Better speech recognition/integration - Damn Skippy - Siri's intigration is in full swing,  but only on the 4S.
  • Launches within 2 weeks, priced the same as the 4, if not cheaper - Holy Shit Yes - The iPhone 4S launches next Friday, October 14, and at the current prices the 4 is at ($200/16GB; $300/32GB; $400/64GB). Pre-orders start on the 7th.
  • iOS 5 released before iPhone 5 - Wow, Uhh, Sure? - Since this is a 4S announcement and not the 5, yes, I'm right, but either way you look at it, iOS 5 is out before any new iPhone model.

Shit, I did pretty good. Out of the 12 predictions, only 2 were dead wrong, while 3 of them were partials. I'm looking at a...70% prediction rate. Fuck, that's better than how I did at E3...