Monday, October 3, 2011

Last-Minute (Read: 14 Hours Beforehand) Apple Conference Predictions

Apple's conference is tomorrow at 1PM EST, but no live stream. However, Engadget will be doing a liveblog of the entire event. 

Here's my predictions for this "monumentous" event

  • iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 announced
  • 4S to be cheaper, smaller capacity iPhone with incredibly minute revisions, if at all
  • 5 to be for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, with 4G LTE on V/S, one SKU for each carrier (meaning multi-band chip that works on CDMA/GSM/LTE; you could unlock one phone and use it across any carrier you choose)
  • Larger MP camera (8MP?)
  • Higher capacity (up to 64GB)
  • Wider homebutton
  • Larger device footprint, with larger screen, but keeping 4:3 ratio (like the EVO 4G)
  • 3GS to go free with 2-year contract
  • Jobs won't be there
  • Better speech recognition/integration (god I hope so)
  • Launches within 2 weeks, priced the same as the 4, if not cheaper
  • iOS 5 released before iPhone 5

If it's on Sprint with 4G, a larger capacity, better battery and a unified SKU as described above, fuck it, I just may pay AT&T's ETF just to go to Sprint.

Image Via BENM.AT