Saturday, November 12, 2011

[BEAT IT] Uncharted 3 and Batman Are Back on the Shelf

And just in time for Assassin's Creed, too.

I beat Batman a little under a week ago (a fantastically stellar game), and today I beat Uncharted 3. I must say, Uncharted 3, while not as great as it's predecessor, is still a fantastic game in it's own. The attention to detail throughout the game is something that Naughty Dog has maintained throughout the story, and while the "weird fucking creatures at the end of the game" mantra of theirs is not as profound as the previous games, it's still annoying as shit.

Oh, and the twist? The goddamn twist near the end? Yes, you'll love it, too.

My hat's off to you, Naughty Dog. You've made another hell of a game.

If I had to do a quick review, I'd say I'd give Batman a B+ and Uncharted 3 would sit well at an A-.