Friday, December 9, 2011

Chair's Customer Service Line Kinda Sucks

With Infinity Blade II's release out and about for a week now, people are complaining left and right about issues they've had with IB2. I've found myself in that crowd. 

And what do you do when your game doesn't work properly? Why, take to the internet, of course!

I found myself on Chair's help page for all things Infinity Blade, and I found an email to send Chair any complaints about the game. Here's what I sent them:

Subject: Infinity Blade 2 Game Save Crash/Swipes Not Registering 
Since I've installed IB2, my game save does not want to, well, save. My swipes during battles for sword slashes aren't fully registering, as well as dodging doesn't fully work for me. 
My game saves seem to just disappear after each time I close out the app just by hitting the Home button, but it also happens when I remove the app from the multitasking drawer (double-tap Home button). I have GameCenter and iCloud set up fully with no problems on any other end on either service. My IB1 save is intact, as well.
During battles, only a handful of swipes are actually going thru. I'll keep swiping like crazy across the screen to see that only a small percentage actually causes my character to slash his sword. Dodging doesn't fully work for me, either, and in the rare occurrence, I'll hit the dodge button, my character doesn't move, but when the enemy attacks, the attack goes right thru without dealing damage (my character doesn't even react to the attack). I'm also experiencing bad recognition in IB1 with attacks, but dodging works just fine.
I'm running iOS 5.0 on the iPhone 4. Seeing as I've had no other problems with any other game in the same instance that I've had with IB1/2, updating to 5.0.1 doesn't seem to be a viable solution (I highly doubt the OS is at fault). I've deleted and reinstalled IB2 after experiencing bad game saves, and still I'm experiencing the same problem. I've checked to see if multiple characters have been created, but only one slot is active. I've also gone thru the FAQ available on the Infinity Blade's site, and what is available for troubleshooting either doesn't work or isn't applicable.
Any word on any known issues plaguing the IB2 servers hat could be causing these issues?
Thanks in advance, 
 Now what did I get in response to my lengthy email about how broken the game is for me? Take a gander:

Hello and Thank You for contacting Epic Games, Inc.,
Thanks for purchasing Infinity Blade II!  We hope you like the game, and we're very sorry to hear that you are having some trouble. 
Thanks for helping make us aware of this issue - we'll investigate it to fix in a future update. 
Best regards,
Really, Steve? That's the best you've got?  I don't think I can enjoy the game when my save files are being deleted and I can't attack an enemy worth shit.