Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just Discovered MGS HD Collection's Limited Edition, Realizes US Got Shafted

[UPDATE] So I bought it. GameStop was selling it for $60 brand new, and holy fucking ass crackers, that art book is delicious.

Here's my problem: I love Metal Gear Solid. Like, a lot. Enough to get pissed at the fact that there was a collector's edition of the HD Collection that came out and didn't learn about it until the UK version's limited edition was announced today.

Before I show you what the Brits are getting, let me remind you what the US got:

  • "Limited" packaging with special packaging featuring a profile shot of Snake drawn by Yoji Shinkawa (it could be Ashley Wood, but who knows).
  • 250 page artbook
  • $80 price tag
  • That's it
The image fluffs out what comes with it. It's pretty paltry - but I would LOVE to get my hands on that artbook - but let's take a look at the Japanese edition before we see what the Brits got:

  • Yoji Shinkawa illustration
  • Soundtrack
  • Art-book
For the "extra" special edition:
  • All the above, plus...
  • MGS2/3 "mug cups"
  • Headphones
  • Bag
  • The above Peace Walker is essentially the same, but a Peace Walker themed mug, and a Kazuhira Miller Play Arts Kai figure
You think that's fancy? Oh, it's fucking swanky. Here's the recently-announced UK version:
  • Steelbook packaging that's all nice and colorful
  • The same artbook that's across all three regions
  • That awesome shirt
The Steelbook alone is worth admission, and the shirt is just the icing on top. Sadly, Zavvi wants £70, which is the equivalent of $110 (mai gawd). 

Thanks for the love, Konami. And before you jerks say "at least you got it first", hey, at least you're getting the damned thing. It'd be different if the Collection was US only, but hey, you're still getting the game.