Friday, December 9, 2011

Microsoft Shits on Xbox Indie Devs...Again

With the aftermath of the Fall 2011 Xbox "Metro" Update clearing (what with server downtimes, the 10am software push not hitting until several hours later and all that jazz), Microsoft has, yet again, gut-punched their Xbox Indie devs with terrible sorting options and incorporating the Indie games elsewhere asides from a 2200-title-long list of all Indie games.

When the NXE first hit the Xbox some 3 years ago, Microsoft shunned Indie devs by corralling them into a deep, dark, dank corner of the 360's GUI. When Indie's first heard of it, a shit-storm brewed. Microsoft apologized and issued a server-side update that pushed Indie's to a more prominent position on the Game Marketplace.

Now, with the Metro update, Microsoft is at it again, pushing the Indie devs further into aforementioned secluded corner of the Game Marketplace, alongside Xbox Originals and other games Microsoft feels aren't doing too hot.

The above video, uploaded by YouTube guy GameMarx, splices in lines of "truth" when Major Nelson utters a few lines about the Metro update, then for a good 5 minutes, shows how bad Indie devs have been beaten into a corner.

I, myself, have only downloaded one Indie game, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1, is fairly fun. However, I haven't kept tabs on what Indie games are good and which ones aren't so hot. Besides that point, and as I've made clear throughout the history of this blog, I'm in early pre-development of my own game, Project Mercury, and I would hate to have my game, along with my brethren, treated in such a manner.

How do you go about making sure Microsoft knows that they took a huge shit on Indie devs? Link to this post, any post, about what Microsoft has done, and share the above YouTube video with others. Cause a stink, rile up some friends, hell, email Microsoft's Xbox division and tell them what they've done. Hopefully they simply forgot, what with all the ad-space they now have with the Metro update...