Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[HOLY SHIT] [UPDATED] Assassin's Creed III "Confirmed", Set During American Revolution

[UPDATE] Well, Ubisoft unveiled the boxart for the game - with a different action pose (our Assassin leaping with tomahawk in hand to slash at a redcoat laying on the ground) - pretty much confirming this artwork. They've still said they'll talk more on March 5th at 5PM.

[Original Post] Thanks to loose-lipped Best Buy employees, Kotaku was contacted by one with images of promotional artwork from Assassin's Creed III, set to be unveiled on March 5.

With the artwork in tow, we can see an American flag representing the 13 colonies, which sets it in the late 1700s. The star, described as a Native American, has the garb and weapons of one: the necklace, the shin-guards made of animal hide, the tomahawk (oh, the tomahawk), the bow and arrow...everything. Just looking at the face has traits of a Native American as well.

Many people can bitch all they want about the setting, as there wasn't as many buildings or on the scale as Rome or Constantinople, but one thing (alright, two thigns) people are forgetting is how well major cities such as Philly and New York were developed and the trees. Last of the Mohicans, anyone? Fucking hiding in trees? That's the perfect Native American assassin. And am I the only one hoping for some reenactments of the creek scene from The Patriot with the tomahawk? And don't get me starting on scalping; you know it's going to be there.

Regardless of what's been said, it's what I'm excited for that will happen on March 5. Will Ubisoft drop a teaser trailer or a full-blown trailer? Will there be an ARG? More art work? Character details? They're going to save something for E3, so whatever they reveal, I'll gobble up. Fast.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Metal Gear Announced, Dog in Tow

A new Metal Gear Solid has been "announced", via a recruitment page run by Konami. There are only two images revealed (the first above, the second below), but the second image is what set off my thought juices.

After the break, you'll find a comment I posted on Kotaku (as well as the second image), which basically takes the image of the dog and runs with it, giving me the idea that, basically, this new game takes place in the 1980s in Southern Africa. It's really narrowing it down, but I believe it to be accurate: