Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dunno Why You're Complaining, I Enjoyed I Am Alive

I've seen this game get shit on for the past few days from reviews out there, but after just finishing it in the past few minutes, I have to say that I am thoroughly pleased with the game. After almost being condemned to vaporware status, Ubisoft pulls a Gearbox, says "fuck it", slaps a coat of veneer on it and ships it.

There were a few problems - control issues, navigation, climbing mechanics - but it all worked out. I pulled a 95% rating (I missed two survivors, didn't steal or resort to cannibalism) which I'm fairly proud of (where are those last two survivors?), but the issues weren't that bad. The map itself, well, you only explore just a fraction - I'd say 2/3's of the entire map gets visited - but you'll get to find new ways to explore it in few instances due to earthquakes (these are story-based, I'm assuming, as I only experienced 2).

I'd love to know what the fuck happened at the end (SPOILER, highlight to read: the video sequences you see as cutscenes are actually watched posthumously from Julie's perspective, who it's not necessarily revealed it's Julie until the camera pans away from her at the end to reveal Adam's backpack, machete and bow: END SPOILER), and there's a few more questions to be answered, which I'm expecting sequels.

Much, much, much better sequels.

Review grade, you say? Sure:

Grade: B-