Monday, June 4, 2012

[E3 2012] Microsoft Predictions: How'd I Do?

It's come and gone! Microsoft's E3 conference wrapped up earlier today, so let's straight to the grit and find out exactly how right (or wrong) I was with my predictions in a nice, bulleted fashion, much like last year.

What I will be doing to help scoot this along a bit faster than my actual prediction posts is literally a copy/paste of the quote from the predictions, and give a yay/nay explanation on the prediction.

Finally, I'll lay down some numbers on how right (or wrong) I was.

  • " major hardware announcements (read: no Xbox Next/Durango)" - Correct - Microsoft didn't say a damned thing about hardware. Unfortunately, that brings me to the next prediction.
  • "[a] set-top-box aimed specifically at apps" - Fail - Nope. Those rumors are dead and gone.
  • "Halo 4 taking the prize as the show-stopper / brand-new trailer and gameplay footage for Halo 4" - Effectively, Yes - Once they opened the show with the live-action/straight-to-gameplay-footage of the game, it became the hot topic on everyone's lips. 
  • "Fable: The Journey will make another appearance" - Yes - Fortunately, it swayed me into bringing the game a little higher in my list of "games I may have a thought of possibly playing". 
  • "Fable 4? Doubtful" - I'm Saying Yes - If you don't consider the above as the fourth game, then it did show. If not - which is what most would think - then I was right. Suck it.
  • "Peter Molyneux talk about what he's been doing with his new studio... doubtful." - Pre-E3 - Sir Molyneux announced the game prior to E3, so we can push it into the E3 "window".
  • "Rare won't introduce anything beyond a new entry in an already established franchise, but not a smörgåsbord of new games" - Nope - No game was announced at the conference, but who's to say something may show up on the show floor tomorrow?
  • "live demo of Black Ops 2 on stage" - Correct - That's how they closed out the show this year.
  • "live demo of Resident Evil 6" - Again, Correct - Two of RE6's developers were on stage to show off Leon's hot new moves, such as cover-based shooting, sprinting, and slick melee kills.
  • "Lost Planet 3 footage" - Nope - Nowhere to be seen.
  • "I'm not expecting Shinji Mikami" - Correct - Mr. Shinji "Cut-My-Head-Off"Mikami was a no-show at the conference.
  • "Dead Space 3, along with the rumored ice-planet settingCrysis 3" - Nope...Kinda - After posting, I discovered E3, I said that "I was not aware that both EA and Ubisoft would have their own press conferences this year", and retracted a few statements, this being one of them.
  • "Ubisoft will show off their babies, Assassin's Creed 3... Splinter Cell: RetributionRainbow Six: Patriot" - A Third Quasi-Right - They only showed off one, and that was Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and I got the name wrong, and it's coming to PS3 and PC, as well.
  • "Ubisoft and EA's presence on Microsoft's stage may be minimal, only showing off one or two titles each" - Correct - Ubisoft showed off Splinter Cell, and EA, well, didn't show off a damned thing asides from Kinect-enabled sports games. They love sports, and they don't care who knows, right?
  • "throw us a curve ball and (finally) announce Mirror's Edge 2" - Nope - No such curve ball was thrown.
  • "they'll be showing off a handful of new apps" - Correct - For instance...
  • "Internet Explorer" - Correct - This was one to be shown off, and as I said on DC's Facebook page, it "looks more like a more interactive Bing page rather than IE for Xbox", and...
  • "fitness tracking system" - Correct - Nike was on stage to show it off, and it seems that Nike+ Kinect Training will be the end-all fitness thing on the Kinect. How well it will actually work is beyond anyone...
  • "Microsoft is going to introduce a new tier of Xbox LIVE / reintroduction of Silver / Microsoft will allow their gamers to get in on the app bandwagon at a lower fee than what we're currently paying for Gold. Say, $30-40 a year?" - HA! No... - Wow, I couldn't have been further off. 
  • "put the axe in Microsoft Points' back" - Still Hoping - Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't say a damned thing.
  • "a discounted Xbox 360, but with a 2-year contract attached" - Pre-E3 - Now, I did say that one of the three listed here (this, plus the two prior) would be announced at E3. (Un)Fortunately, this little guy was announced before E3.
  • "I expect them to talk about Woodstock at E3" - Correct - Called "Xbox Music", it's Microsoft's rebranding of the Zune service on the Xbox. Looks like they're killing this guy off slowly.
  • "I would like a major software update to the Kinect" - Nope - Nothing for the Kienct, but the Xbox has an update coming out later this year.
  • "more core games - especially those due out later this year - utilizing the Kinect" - Yes - Not only are EA Sports' titles getting Kinect support, but so is Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  • "software update for, not just Kinect, but the Xbox 360 as a whole" - Half Right - Not Kinect, but an update for the Xbox that streamlines - and enhances - the Bing search outright, plus a few new, minimal features.

Alright, let's tally it up. I'm counting any partials as half-credit here:

Correct : 13 
Partial : 6
Wrong : 6

Total : 64% Correct

Wow, that's a hell of a lot better than my 2010 predictions, and, seeing as I didn't do a 2011 prediction for Microsoft (why?), that's all we have to compare to.