Monday, June 4, 2012

[E3 2012] Sony's Conference: How'd I Do?

It literally just finished moments ago, but Sony's conference came through. Now, I didn't get to watch the whole thing (you know, food), so I only caught the last 30 minutes live, but I stayed up-to-date via my RSS feeds.

Same thing applies here as it did with Microsoft's: "What I will be doing to help scoot this along a bit faster than my actual prediction posts is literally a copy/paste of the quote from the predictions, and give a yay/nay explanation on the prediction.

Finally, I'll lay down some numbers on how right (or wrong) I was."

  • "is not announcing any new hardware" - Correct - Not a damned thing.
  • "delivering some high-quality Move support" - Yes - The big Move support was the new game penned by J.K. Rowling (that thing called Harry Potter ring a bell?) called Book of Spells to a new platform called Wonderbook. I have no idea how to process this.
  • "some solid first-party and third-party support for the Vita" - Goddamned Right - Not only was Assassin's Creed III: Liberation there, but Sony is bringing All-Stars to the system, and Activision announced Black Ops Declassified. Whether or not you'll play them is up to you, but shame on you if you don't play at least the first two.
  • "start slapping Cross Play software updates on some PS3 titles" - Unsure Yes - While not a whole lot said about Cross Play outside of the fact that the two Assassin's Creed games will link up, Sony didn't say shit. Perhaps we'll see this on the floor? Correction: According to Famitsu, God of War HD Collection, ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection, and the duo of BlazBlue games (BlazBlue and BlazBlue Continuum Shift) will support Cross Play, or at least in the cards.
  • "fully utilize Remote/Cross Play, and make the Vita a true portable PS3 experience" - Keep Dreaming - Seriously, tho...
  • "new Infamous title" - No, but... - There was Infamous news, as Infamous 2 will be for free for PlayStation Plus members.
  • "something God of War related" - You Don't Say? - God of War: Ascension stole it about 2/3s the way in, with a fantastic gameplay demo. "Elephant Man" is all you need to know.
  • "LittleBigPlanet could make an appearance" - Yes? - Not only do PlayStation Plus members get LBP2 for free, but a DLC pack will be made soon that will turn the Vita into a quasi-controller for the game, giving the user exclusive actions and whatnot in the game.
  • "pull the veil off of the Call of Duty / Black Ops 2 on the Vita? Most likely. Cross Platform capabilities? Done" - Partial - Black Ops Declassified was unveiled for the Vita, as a purported spin-off of BLOPS2 . No Cross Platform functionality was talked about.
  • "Madden 13 on both PS3 and the Vita" - Yea...? - While it was known a while back, what I was aiming at was a link between the two. This is something that should have been talked about at the EA conference, but we'll have to wait and see on the show floor this week.
  • "Dead Space" - I Wish - Nah, we just get Dead Space 3 and that's it...
  • "Assassin's Creed" - Yup - Subtitled Liberation, comes out day-and-date as it's big brother counterpart. It features a female French/black Assassin, set in New Orleans, and will link up with AC3 itself. Will Connor and Aveline cross paths? Perhaps...
  • "perhaps even some Tom Clancy love / don't anticipate Sam Fisher" - Dead Fucking Wrong - That leak of Ghost Recon for the Vita wasn't shown, but Sam Fisher is actually going to grace the PS3 yet again in the Xbox conference unveil of Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
  • "Resident Evil: Revelations" - Oh Hell No! - Was I high on bath salts when I wrote that?
  • "Grand Theft Auto V" - Yea, No - After I posted my predictions, Rockstar announced they were not attending E3, so...mulligan?
  • "Sony should also be showcasing new apps for the system" - Hardly, But Yes - One app was Hulu Plus. Another was Crackle. Several others include MLB.TV, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Sony Music Unlimited, and ESPN. Yea, Sony's getting all up in the video streaming, but what about other activities?
  • "announcing a serious firmware update to the Vita" - No - Leave it to Sony to not announce a firmware update.
  • "expect to see Black Ops 2 show up on stage" - Depends - It showed up on stage, but there was no gameplay, just a logo slapped on a Vita's screen.
  • "Don't expect Quantic Dream" - Biggest Surprise of the Whole Fucking Show - Not only were they there, but they showed off their new game, Beyond, which features Ellen Page (Juno) as the lead character, in not just voice, but lending her likeness and motion capture to the game.
  • "Anything in regards to third-party that happened on Microsoft's stage is more than likely to repeat" - Wow...Uh, No - Really, not a whole lot of third party repeated. Sony mostly focused on their first-party support. Looks like someone is turning into Nintendo...
  • "Naughty Dog on The Last of Us" - Done - My pants got tighter during the entire thing. Just give the fucking game now.
  • "Sucker Punch" - No Show - I wonder what they're up to...
  • "I would like to hear something about Infamous 3; I won't be expecting it / Perhaps they'll pull a Naughty Dog and unveil a new IP" - Correct and No - No Infamous 3, no new IP.
  • "Insomniac / Overstike / there will be no new R&C game announced" - "No" All Around - Insomniac was not there, Overstrike didn't make an appearance, and the new R&C game was announced prior to E3.
  • "guaranteed to be at E3 / God of War: Ascension / Super Sony Smash Bros. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale" - Oh Yea - Both games were there, showing off what each game does best: shock and awe.
  • "Team ICO / The Last Guardian" - MIA - Quick, put out a BOLO! We need to find these guys, STAT!
  • "most of their conference will be dedicated to the Vita" - Not Really - More like 50/50.
  • "some work going into the PlayStation Network" - Hopes == Crushed - Nothing was said.
  • "I want Sony to really start offering some awesome incentives for PlayStation Plus" - Yep - PS+ members are getting some full, free PS3 games soon, including LBP2 and Infamous 2.
  • "Bring in a shit load more apps for both the PS3 and Vita" - Half Right - While the Vita is getting a ton of video apps, the PS3 has been ignored.
  • "Pool your bullshit updates into one major, quarterly update / tell us what these updates do / Make it substantial. Make it worth the time to download" - Expecting a Miracle, Were We? -
Before doing the tally, I can tell I fucked up this year with Sony. Let's take a look at the numbers (partial is half-credit, TBD could be either way later, but doesn't count one way or another right now):

Correct : 12 13
Partial : 5
TBD : 2 1
Wrong : 17 (16 with that mulligan)

Total: 43% 44% : GOOOOO!!!! That's fucking terrible. I don't even...yea, let's just move on.