Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guy Tries to Buy $100 Worth of Digital Content Using my Best Buy Account

We see this? I hope you do.

I (literally) received this order confirmation email not less than 10 minutes ago, saying that some jackass bought $100 worth of iTunes and PlayStation Network monies on my Best Buy account. Worst part is, his email address shows up in the email.

Yes, I was able to cancel the order before it was processed, removed my on-file credit card from my account, and changed my password.

For those who can't see the email - or just want to copy/paste the email - it is Now, I'm aware that writeme domains are notoriously known for being absolute shit, so I'm thinking it's a possible throwaway email for this kid.

Regardless, who wants to deal some damage here? Take it, to what you will with it. I don't care, but it's time to have fun.