Monday, July 2, 2012

Nintendo Setting Up Select Club Nintendo Members on a Date with the Wii U

I just got this email in from Club Nintendo, asking me to reserve a spot for a special hands-on with the Wii U later this month in DC on the outskirts of GWU.

From the email:

Club Nintendo is very excited to invite you to get a sneak peek of Nintendo's upcoming Wii U™ console! You've been chosen from amongst our most loyal members to get this exclusive hands-on experience with the revolutionary new touch screen controller, full HD graphics, and innovative games you won't want to miss.
To make your first Wii U experience even more memorable, we want you to invite your friends and family to join you. Upon completion of the registration process, you’ll be provided with 3 invitations you can share with whomever you like. 

Now, there are time slots you have to sign up for across those three dates in the image (July 26-29). I, myself, am signed up for the Saturday time for 1-3pm. They do allow you to bring 2 3 additional guests, but I'm not that privy (yet) to hand out codes to complete strangers, regardless of how much I'd like my readers (the small handful there is) to be able to enjoy it.

They do ask you for access to your Facebook profile so they can post pictures to your Facebook profile of you at the event, when you arrive, and all that. Once there, I'll be posting hands-on impressions and what-not.