Friday, July 27, 2012

[SITE NEWS] Happenin's

It's been a while since I've given a site update, and with that spree of reviews I threw out, I want to let people know what's going on behind the scenes, and that this is more than just a hub of reviews...

For the "tl;dr" kids, skip to the bottom.

First and foremost:

For starters, you may have noticed a huge influx of review posts, strangely appearing after a large absence of those posts. My review process has been streamlined, and I would like to state that the style of reviews will be staying the same for the time being, however, when I write the review, I will be adding exactly what portions of the game I played, how far (if I did not finish, which is a rare circumstance), length, etc.. Going forward (with the exception of a few drafted reviews I have here that may have been posted while I was creating this), reviews will be posted in a sense of "lasting impressions", hopefully within 24 hours - upwards of a week - of completing the game's campaign (keyword: hopefully). I forbid myself from multiplayer games except in very rare, extreme circumstances (read: Halo).

With that in mind, I will only be reviewing the campaign mode of the game. Most multiplayer I have been exposed to has been horrendous, and the communities built around the services - be it Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network - are no where near forgiving. I have met a few fortunate souls that have not been tainted by the aspect of anonymity, and I remain in contact with a few of them. Outside of those contacts, online gaming communities are fucking abysmal, and I refuse to take part in any of them.

Additionally, I will be adding a new "Plays Like" section at the beginning, giving you an idea of what other games this closely resembles; if you read Alternative Press, this will seem very familiar. If there is an available review for that game, I will link to the review for the game (or for the most recent entry in the series).

All of these changes are taking effect as of my Lollipop Chainsaw review.

Facebook Activity
For those who follow Destroyed Controller on Facebook, you'll notice that there is much more activity there than there is here on the blog. As with my new job, I do have free access to my RSS feeds and Facebook. If a story comes across my feeds and I find compelled to share, I'll Share it to the page with a quick blurb. I'm moving away from writing huge posts, and, depending on which outlet does a better job of writing on it, I'll share their link. Some may scoff, saying things such as "how will you stretch your journalistic muscles?" Well, good sire, that's where my reviews and editorials come into play.

Kind of, but not really...
Most of my Shares will come from Kotaku, Joystiq, and The Verge/Polygon for gaming, with Engadget being the main proprietor of tech news. If another outlet comes around with something to share, so be it. I do feel the need to level out any qualms any would have with me simply "Sharing" stories on Facebook. My job doesn't allow me to have the time either during work or after work to do so, and weekends are hellish enough as they stand. For the site, my time is quickly being directed towards reviews and editorials, for what little time I do have.

Extra Bits
Reviews and editorials will be taking up the majority of the posts here on the blog. I truly want to start sharing info on my game's progress, but until I can get things coordinated, they'll stay in their folder.

While I'm on it, progress on my game has almost hit a stand-still. As mentioned, my job at an IT company has me constantly on my toes; I feel absolutely drained by the time I get home (commuting in Northern Virginia feels like a highly unpleasant, undoubtedly long drive through the countryside). I recently opened up my project binder to start cranking out some maps, but I felt so inundated by what I was doing last, I felt lost. So, here I am, having to re-read up on what I was doing in order to "get back in the groove". I'm still dedicated to get this game in to, at the very least, pre-alpha stages; if I'm feeling zesty, alpha stage. As the game stands, it is still in "pre-development", as in "every damn thing I have is on paper".


tl;dr == My time on the blog is cut short, exponentially short, due to the new job. I'll try to keep stuff fresh and original, because y'all can go elsewhere for reviews and news. Editorials are to be my bread and butter, with reviews serving the purpose of keeping my writing fine tuned.