Friday, August 3, 2012

Double Fine Adventure Backer Goodies Now Arriving!

If the mailmen are now coming
into your house and leaving packages,
it appears I may have a problem.
I stumble through my front door, with my various knick-knacks in hand after a week's worth of work, two cases of Sam Adam's Octoberfest under my arms, and as I get settled in at my computer, I see something standing there, on my desk, presumably left there by the girlfriend: a large cardboard tube with my name on it.

Pray tell, what could it be?

I pop the lid, and, low and behold, I discover something:

Sadly, I recognize that font anywhere.

I hastily dump the contents onto my desk, and here is the treasure trove of goodies sent from Double Fine studios, themselves:

The poster, shirt, pin, and sticker, all for the backers get for sending them a certain amount of money; I, myself, pledged $100 towards them.

I'll be wearing that shirt tomorrow.