Thursday, November 15, 2012

Xbox LIVE 10-Year Anniversary Consoles Aren't the Only Things Microsoft is Giving Away

You know that fancy-schmancy Xbox 360 that Microsoft is sending out to those that've been on Xbox LIVE Gold ever since it's inception 10 years ago? Well, it looks like they're sending out something else.

I've been on Xbox LIVE for 7 years, if you believe my "Tenure" status on my XBL profile. It's been an on-and-off relationship, as I'm currently a Free/Silver subscriber (membership expired a few weeks ago).

I just got an email from Xbox LIVE Rewards VIP Exclusives, including some snazzy stats (check out the full image after the break, tho, it says I have 0 friends (lies!), 0 hours in entertainment (believable) and 0 hours in multiplayer (definitely believable), all over the course of the past year), as well as as voucher for the little number you see above: an Xbox Anniversary-themed Helmet. It may not be free Gold, or that special system, but free, exclusive digital content to show off to others?

Yea, sure, why not?