Monday, December 10, 2012

Nintendo Support Page Doesn't Recognize Wii U Error Code [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] After poking around Miiverse for a while, I came across two figure-heads of Nintendo. And what do they have prefixing their names? Why "Nintendo", of course. I had assumed that was the deal, but hey, it's good to finally know.

I picked up a Wii U. Yes, I broke down a bought one. Best Buy had them online, I had $85 in Reward Zone certificates, so I snagged the Deluxe edition; can you blame me?

Well, after the (far from arduous) update process, I get to create my Nintendo Network ID. I'm known around the webs as "Nintendo Tim", give or take the space there. I get error code 102-2572 on my GamePad:

Mother. Fucker.
I check Nintendo's support page for more information:

Fucking seriously, Nintendo? Your error code database doesn't have the error code for "User can't create a Nintendo Network ID"?

I look at the TV for more information. Here's the complexity rules for a NNID:

  • The ID you choose will be visible to others using online services, such ast the friend list or Miiverse. Please do not include any personally identifying information or offensive content in your ID.
    • Check. Sort of.
  • Use between six and 16 characters. You can use numbers, letters, periods, dashes, and underscores. 
    • Done. I've got 11.
  • You cannot use punctuation as the first or last character of your ID. You also cannot use two or more punctuation characters in a row.
    • Don't have any to begin with.

Presumably, Nintendo reserves "Nintendo" for their employees, as I've seen many NOA employees have "NOA" at the beginning of their name, so it may be to reduce confusion on a Nintendo system; I certainly wouldn't want to be hammered with people asking my questions about Nintendo-related anything, but I certainly wouldn't mind answering their questions. 

I've been "Nintendo Tim" for a while now (several years), so my only problem is...what do I name myself now?