Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Titles I Expect to be Unveiled at Sony's Wednesday Presser

With Sony's conference just a few days away, people are getting too goddamned antsy (this kid, included), about what they could reveal.

I have a few things I'd like to see, but most importantly, there are two games I expect from Sony at their conference, one in particular that better be there.

The first you see above, Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Problem is, the fucking thing has been known to the public for too goddamned long, and in development for over 7 years (seven!!!). We've also seen the bastardization of the series, thanks to the awful Final Fantasy XIII, and it's released sequel, and announced second sequel. The other triplet, Type-0, was released on the PSP, and released only in Japan, with no plans of a localization in the US or EU. This Fabula Crystallis Nova project is a fucking joke, and Square Enix needs to back away, cut their losses, and move forward. Best way to do that? Rebranding. I don't care if they change the game - we don't even know what or how Versus will play like - but I can say this: change the name. We need to get away from the clusterfuck that is XIII and get moving. 

Versus needs to be renamed as Final Fantasy XV, and if Sony wants to move units, keep it a Sony exclusive. End of story.

This isn't the game I whole-heartedly expect at the show. Matter of fact, I don't even have an itch to see it. At this point, Square needs to come down off its high horse, get on TV, and say "it's coming, here's a 10 minute trailer of footage and gameplay, and it's being released on this date. And, you know what, fuck it, you guys have waited so long, just take it. Don't give us your money, just take the game as retribution for making you wait so long." Of course that won't happen.

What game do I expect to be shown?

Infamous 3.

No, stop it. I see you raising your eyebrow. That noise you just made in the back of your throat as you begin to laugh away the idea. No, Infamous 3 is very plausible, and damn well near possible of showing up.

I'm already expecting Infamous 3 as a launch title, or the very least, launch window (within 6 months). Infamous 2 came out in 2011, and Sucker Punch had no hand in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (handled solely by Sanzaru, who worked with Sucker Punch on the Sly Collection). Unless they're developing a new IP, they've got jack shit to do, other than Infamous 3. A two year head start from a Sony first-party dev - which would have, no doubt, been one of the first in line for a PS4 dev kit - is plenty of time to make a new game, especially from them. 

Infamous 3 is a grand way to kick off the next-gen of Sony, especially as a launch title. If Sucker Punch doesn't show anything on Wednesday or at E3 at the latest, I will be disappoint.

Coupled with Final Fantasy Versus/XV, the PS4 could have a hell of a launch lineup.