Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Joystiq "Unveils" Call of Duty: Ghosts, RSS Feeds Light Up, Story is Taken Down

[UPDATE] And Engadget, a sister site to Joystiq, has their own story, but again, just like Joystiq, it's down. The RSS feed did the same glory: cached the story for those who subscribe to still read it.

[ORIGINAL STORY] I woke up this morning, and amongst my normal activities is checking my RSS feeds for what I consider "news".

Amongst the stories, Joystiq posted one, which was "officially confirming" Call of Duty: Ghosts's existence. Unfortunately, the link provided redirects to Joystiq's homepage, and no story exists. Surely, other outlets have this news, too, right?

Nope. Kotaku, RPS, Major Nelson,, one is talking about this, for whatever reason. So, what did I do? Why, I took a screenshot of my feed of the story, and posted it below for your enjoyment! The links in the screenshot simply link back to older stories about Ghosts, and to "hubs" for Call of Duty and E3. The URL that the feed brought me to was this: