Thursday, January 23, 2014

[UPDATE] Just what is Going on with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition's Release Date?

[FINAL UPDATE] Best Buy has updated their site to show January 28th. I confirmed with an employee, as their inventory system shows January 28th as a release date, and my order is already placed.

[UPDATE 2] Get this shit: Square has lifted the street date and review embargo, so it's flooding the gates. So far, GameStop is selling what they have now, but Amazon still shows January 28th, while Best Buy still shows February 4th (and calls to a few stores show don't even have them in stock). I guess an obligatory "YMMV" applies.

[ORIGINAL STORY] With the marketing campaign in full swing with the impending release of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition's release date, I started to look into the best place to pick it up from. Since I have some rewards racked up through Best Buy - and the Gamers Club Unlocked 20% discount - I looked there first. I know the game comes out at the end of the month; I mean, the advertising says so.

I go to the site, go to click on "Add to Cart", but something was amiss. It just didn't add up:

Wait. "2/4/2014"? Why does Best Buy have the game listed for a whole week after the actual release of January 28th. I decided to look around. What I started to see was just downright fucking weird[UPDATE 1] I went to a local Best Buy store to check with them, and even crazier, the game doesn't even show in their inventory system. Now that is just downright fucking strange.

I jumped over to other places I either frequent, or go to only in only times of true desperation. Amazon and GameStop, respectively, both have the game listed as released on January 28th, but GameFly has it for January 30th, a Thursday; what kind of heathen releases video games on a Thursday?

I honestly can't find a reason behind this. I checked over upcoming major releases: Thief still has a release of February 25, and Infamous: Second Son is still showing up on March 21, and, hell, even Titanfall still has March 11. So what gives on a week delay for Tomb Raider? Did Best Buy piss off a distributor that much?

See beyond the break for screenshots of Tomb Raider on other sites.