Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[REVIEW] Knack

Release Date: November 15, 2013
System Reviewed: PS4
Plays Like: Jak & Daxter, Your Worst Nightmare

Ed. Note: Reviews aren't back (seeing as the last one I did was November of 2012). It's just...goddamn, this fucking game.

Holy fucking hell, one game should not be this infuriating, this difficult, this...insanely designed to the point of making me want to shout from the roof tops: 

"Mark Cerny should be forbidden from making games forever."

Knack is exactly that. It's one game that has so many flaws, it's remarkable to believe it came from the same man who worked on franchises known industry wide. Where Knack falls apart is the horrible combat and platforming segments; essentially, what you do as the player in this game.

The controller uses only three buttons: cross, square, and circle. Jump, attack, and invoking your special attack, respectively, are the only things you are allowed to do in this game. Your special attack is merely a modifier, in that it opens up to use square, circle, and triangle for some pretty devastating attacks (whirlwind, shockwave, and ranged attacks, in that order). While Knack's attacks are simple and straight forward, the actual "fighting enemies" bit is disastrously broken.