Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why Can't I Be By Myself: The Woes of Playing Destiny as a Recluse

It's taken just under two weeks for me to start my adventure, but I decided to pop in Destiny tonight and give it a whirl. I played the public beta when it was available, and it greatly raised my views of the game. Prior, I had almost no interest in the game, primarily because impressions of the game billed it as "Halo meets Borderlands". While I'm a fan of the former, I can't get into the grove of the latter; that's coming from someone who owns Borderlands 2 across three devices.

Since I had played the beta, I whizzed right through the first mission, met my Lil' Dinklage Ghost, and flew off to the Tower. I did the few bits of loot gathering, equipped what I had, and blasted off into orbit to go off to my second mission. It was here that I found a feature that was either missing in the beta, or something I glanced over: privacy settings.

Sweet Thor, thank you!