"Destroyed Controller"

You first think of a rage-induced fit brought on by one of the most difficult games you have ever played in your life. I'm talking Legendary difficulty on any Halo game. Black's last level. Those off-the-wall, what-the-hell-are-they-thinking Achievements/Trophies (whatever your flavor). Playing Super Mario 64 for the first time, learning the ins-and-outs of a 3D environment, falling off of each world's platform every which way.

That's where this site's name came from. Destroyed Controller - 'DesCon' or 'DestructiCon' as a cute little nickname - started on Google's Blogger service late August of 2009. As I originally put it when I first launched DesCon on that fateful, late-August evening:
"Think of this as Joystiq and Kotaku's child, Engadget as the surrogate, raised by IGN with 1UP having weekend custody...The reasoning behind the name - asides from it's connection to gaming - is my tendency to throw the controller when I reach that point of frustration in the game where developers think it's cool to add 4 spawn points at the end of the final level with 2 turrets engrossed with sandbags and metal shielding at the end door that you can't defeat without the grenades you don't have, where the only way to win is to spend an hour taking care of the 3 RPG guys that welcome you as soon as the - only - checkpoint loads as you enter the room (thank you, Black!). [The dismayed controller that led to the name] is a result of too much frustration from Red Faction: Guerilla or Gears of War for Windows; I honestly can't remember which one."
I'm sure it still fits.

If you have any questions about us or anything in general, comments to share with me or concerns about the site's operations, you can send it all to: tim [AT] destroyedcontroller [DOT] com.

Furthermore, if you would like a review of your game or gaming accessory to appear on the site (or anything gaming related), go ahead and send an email to the address listed above, and I'll do my best to respond to you in a timely manner (most replies are sent within 24 hours). I currently own the vast majority of the major systems - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, a gaming quality computer and an iPhone (sorry, no Android or WP8) - so don't worry if I have the appropriate system to review whatever it may be.

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