Who's Nintendo Tim?

"Nintendo Tim" Johnson
Born, raised and currently living in Northern Virginia. A gamer pretty much from birth (I came out of the womb with an NES controller in my hands), they've molded and shaped me into a know-it-all, deemed by my friends. Ranging across all major platforms, I give expert-quality advice on gaming as a whole. When I'm not at work or in class, I pass the time by kicking ass in video games (leaving the name taking to Reggie), as well as offering my advice to those in need.

I earned my nickname "Nintendo Tim" from a friend of mine, who, at a party, suggested the name; as a collective, everyone agreed (thanks, Brandon). It grew on me, becoming my PSN name, Xbox Live GamerTag (formerly pacokorn77) and a multitude of other aspects. It embodies the ideal that - depending on who you ask - I know all there is to know about video games or Nintendo. To me, it represents the amount of time that I pour into video games (I once took a week off of work to read all the incoming E3 06 news), becoming ths know-it-all of video games. Of course, I don't do that now, I just read it at work (Newsstand for iPhone is a blessing).

I have a collection of over 500 games across nearly 20 systems, both home and handheld, spanning from NES all the way to 360. Last year, my collection was valued at roughly $10,000 (this includes everything gaming related, be it games, systems, accessories, etc.). Yes, I took into consideration that Perfect Dark: Zero Collector's Edition won't net $60 now (you'd probably get it for $20, if that), so I did the deductions. My most prized game? The Legend of Zelda for NES, complete (that means instruction booklet, map and box). Paid a little over $40 on eBay for it, but it was worth it.

I'm knee-deep in pre-production on my own video game, Project Mercury, a Metroidvania-style game planned for the iPhone. I'm waiting for that opportunity that promises the monetary support to move out into my own home/town house/apartment. Currently attending Northern Virginia Community College, I'm pursuing a degree of Information Technology, while spending what time I can learning the basics of programming.